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16 thoughts on “ThisIsMoscatoLifeTV

  1. msyira says:

    Thank you everyone for tuning in to Moscato Sundays! Be sure to tune in every Sunday 8-10pm for your scoop on news as we spin the hottest jams. Thanks for the support…keep the comments coming!


  2. Jenn Sun says:

    Hey Y’all! Nice to kiss goodbye to the weekend with y’all again!

    Shoutout to the Yale and Rutgers communities for tuning in today!


  3. Jennifer Sun says:

    It’s true what both Sean and Careen were saying about the issue of poverty, because there’s a fine line between helping somebody to get out of poverty, and giving too much of a handout that people don’t think it’s necessary to work to get out of poverty. If you two meet in the middle, you’d agree that each one has some valid points in the previous discussion. At least we can begin with being educated about poverty… I’m really happy that Rutgers started a whole class on Poverty in America, where we get to read about all the different views on poverty and on “conquering” poverty…


  4. Jennifer Sun says:

    And shoutout to Hillhouse High School in New Haven! They did a fantastic job in the Greater New Haven St. Patty’s Day Parade today!! (Also shoutout to Samara and I :p) Happy Doran made it! Glad everybody made it! 🙂


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