Why Are People Tweeting That Nancy Reagan Was the ‘Throat Goat?

Rumors about former first lady Nancy Reagan having the best blowjob game in Hollywood’s MGM backlot have resurfaced.

Real talk I logged off of Twitter for a couple of healthy hours on Friday. By the time I opened the app on Saturday, my timeline was full of words like this . “Nancy Reagan Throat Goat?” “Nancy’s got that gawk gawk 3000?” I had clearly missed some crucial breaking news, a classic Friday News Dump that spawned memes all weekend: former First Lady Nancy Reagan, allegedly, gave the greatest blowjob in Hollywood back in her acting days—and she gave a lot of them. Allegedly.

The intention of Shapiro’s tweet was seemingly to portray Madonna as a sex-craved maniac and Reagan as a buttoned up, classical wife that women should aspire to (it’s of course OK to be whatever and whoever you want to be!) In a stroke of satisfying irony, however, the internet unearthed a very juicy tidbit about Nancy’s personal life, pre-White House, in response to this tweet from hell. As spotted in June by the Washington Babylon, an unauthorized biography of Nancy published in 1992 noted that Nancy “was renowned in Hollywood for performing oral sex…not only in the evening but in offices. That was one of the reasons that she was very popular on the MGM lot.” Another source is quoted in that book as saying Nancy tagged along with friends on trips to Arizona; her guy friends would pick up girls at Arizona State University, and Nancy “entertained them orally” on those road trips. A Village Voice article from 1998 also referenced the biography, and noted that Nancy “was known to give the best blowjob in town.”