Thunderstorms cause deadly scorpion surge infestation in Aswan

(TIML NEWS) Scorpions have infested Egypt’s southern city of Aswan, killing three people and stinging more than 400.

According to local media, the mass scorpion attack was caused by severe thunderstorms in the city in recent days.

Reports state the scorpions were washed into the streets and peoples’ homes, where they were seeking refuge from the intense weather conditions. 

A representative from the Ministry of Health told local press that over 80 people are currently being treated at Aswan University Hospital, while hundreds of others are being treated in other hospitals nearby. 

Locals have also raised concerns over the possibility of floods, as the typically dry area does not experience such heavy rainfall. 

Aswan’s governor, Ashraf Attia, has placed restrictions on travel and traffic due to the low visibility levels caused by the extreme weather. 

Videos shared on social media showed heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.