Parents ‘Protest’ NJ Teacher . . .  Say Her Big Butt Is DISTRACTING STUDENTS! (Pics)

(TIML NEWS) All i am gonna say about this is ..Where were these teachers when i was in school lol A New Jersey art teacher is coming under fire across social media, after parents are claiming that her body is “too distracting” for her students, TIML News has learned

The art teacher – who goes by the Instagram handle @toyboxdolls – teaches children as young as 5 years old. When in the classroom, she’s always fully covered, and the teacher never wears any intentionally inappropriate clothing.

But that hasn’t stopped parents from criticizing the New Jersey teacher – and saying that she is being “inappropriate.” The parents (Soccer Moms) claim that it’s not the teacher’s dress – but her BODY that is inappropriate… i cant make this up lol .

According to the “concerned” parents, (Soccer Moms) they believe that showing children such an exaggerated and obviously augmented body – sets a bad example for the kids.

What do you think about the parent arguments – are they just hating?? as usual???/

Here’s what the teacher looks like in school: