Model of Jeff Bezos’ rocket that looks like a sex toy selling for $69

(TIML NEWS) As if the image of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket launch wasn’t burned into our collective retinas already, fans of the sexualized spaceship can now own their very own scaled-down model — for a suggestive price of $69.99.

Manufactured by Blue Origin merchandising partner Estes, maker of high-quality model rockets and launchers, the toy is 1/66th the size of the New Shepard, with an ability to launch up to 400 feet in the air.

Last month, the billionaire Amazon founder was aboard during his rocket’s inaugural space launch, ultimately reaching 62 miles above sea level before riding jet-powered rod back down to Earth.

“Estes is proud to partner with Blue Origin to provide a piece of history that inspires kids to dream and imagine. The ready-to-fly New Shepard model is a perfect addition to your office shelf or launch it to recreate the spaceflight for yourself!” the company’s website reads.

The toy, available for preorder now ahead of its November 1 release, starts at $69.99 for the rocket itself but will cost an additional $40 to receive the launch pad, controller and single-use engines required to make it fly.

According to Estes, “It too, after deploying the capsule, falls through the atmosphere under a large parachute to gently touch down. Like the Blue Origin New Shepard, you can fly the Estes New Shepard again and again.”

A promotional video, available via YouTube, provides a side-by-side look at the New Shepard and its miniature in-action. But the real action was in the comments section.

“My sister has one of them in her drawer,” joked one viewer, as reported in Gizmodo.

A limit of 5 units per customer is already in place for pre-orders, indicating that Estes expects the rocket to soar off the shelves.

The Blue Origin spaceships is seen, along with a photo of Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos teased over phallic-shaped rocket Blue Origin

Each package also comes with postcards from Bezos’ Club For the Future foundation, with instructions for the collector to draw or describe their own vision of the future to be mailed back to Blue Origin — which intends to send the sack of cards into space before returning to the sender with the seal “Flown to space” stamped on it, according to the press release.

The Post reached out to Blue Origin regarding the model rocket’s placement on, and whether site moderators have a protocol in place to deal with the onslaught of jokes in the product reviews.