‘Transracial’ White Man ‘Comes Out’ As Korean: ‘I Want To Be Accepted Like Trans People

(TIML NEWS) So A British man is referring to himself as a “transracial Korean” after undergoing a controversial surgery to switch his race from Caucasian to Asian, TIML News has learned.

And now TIML News confirmed the man is hoping to have his “transracial” status become accepted, in the same way that transgenders are being accepted across the globe.

The man, who goes by the name Oil London “came out” as Korean on social media yesterday. Oil London was born Caucasian, but he claims in a new video that he “always felt like he was Korean.”

And Oil London recently underwent a painful and controversial surgery to make his outside match his inside. The social media had implants placed around his eyes, and had surgeons re-shape his eyes, to make them look more asian.

Here’s a video of him explaining how he’s “come out….Is he wrong though….drop a comment