Social Media Star Tabitha Brown PAYS HER HUSBAND, 43, TO RETIRE!!

(TIML NEWS) Actress and social media personality Tabitha Brown is going viral on social media, after she told fans that she’s paying him to retire.

Tabitha is married to Chance Brown, who has worked a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department for the past 15 years. Not anymore. TIML News learned that Tabitha is now agreeing to “pay: her husband, so that he can retire from the police force and “dream” again.

Tabitha and Chance co-host Fridays with Tab & Chance on IGTV. Together, they have two children; Choyce and Queston. Tabitha is also the stepmother to Chance’s first daughter from a previous relationship, Tyleah. They reside in Los Angeles, California

Tabitha creates online video content incorporating veganism, humor and motivational speaking. Brown has over four million followers on TikTok and over three million followers on Instagram as of July 2020. She has been described by HuffPost as “America’s Mom”and her content has been deemed by critics as “comforting” and “calming”.

Of course, not everyone is behind Tabitha’s non-traditional approach of “retiring” her 43 year old husband. Many claim that Tabitha may be making a mistake.

Here’s Tabitha explaining what she’s doing.