Trump Tells supporters to “Go Home Now” after shooting & storming The US Capital

(TIML NEWS) A violent, armed mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Building Wednesday, entering the House and Senate chambers and forcing legislators and staff to take shelter. The astonishing turn of events came an hour after President Trump exhorted a Washington rally to protest the congressional certification of the Electoral College vote, a process that would seal President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The unprecedented violent protest brought a halt to the debate on the futile attempt by some Republican lawmakers to decertify the results from a number of states.

After attending a “Stop the Steal” rally, thousands of people surrounded the Capitol building, bounded up the steps and set up barricades using a ladder. Standing on top of an entrance, one man looked down and said, “This is epic. We’re taking the Capitol back.”

Protesters overpowered Capitol police and stormed the building

“The President invited us here and we’re not leaving,” another protester shouted.

Multiple shots were reported fired and CNN reported that a female protester was in critical condition after being shot in the chest. Capitol police, who were overwhelmed by the mob, also reported that several officers had been injured in the clashes