Akon’s $6 Billion African City Will Rival The Mythical Kingdom Of Wakanda

(TIML NEWS) Akon plans to build a cryptocurrency-run city in Africa that will rival the mythical kingdom of Wakanda from the Marvel film Black Panther. The The Locked Up Legend who hails from Senegal, joined TMZ Live on Tuesday (August 11) where he talked about his $6 billion vision.

The city centerpiece will be a $1 billion, 5,000-bed state of the art hospital, which is part of the first phase of construction along with residences, hotels, schools, a police station, fire department, an airstrip, a mall and other staples of a major city.about:blank

“It’s going to be one of many throughout all of Africa starting in Senegal,” he said. “As of right now, it’s like, ‘What do we start to build first?’ I wanted the city to be something that was in there that would actually be utilized by the whole country. We’re starting with the hospital first. It’s gonna be one of the biggest hospitals in all of West Africa. We noticed that a lot of times someone may get sick with a serious illness but some place in Africa, you have to fly into America or Europe to get treated.”