Tech Tuesday: Please Don’t Buy These $67,000 Pair of Gold AirPods

(TIML TECH) In October, Apple unveiled AirPods Pro, the upgraded version of the company’s popular wireless earbuds that Chrissy Teigen’s mom loses all the time. They cost $250 and boast different fit options for people with abnormal ear sizes, a welcome noise-canceling feature, and are sweat-and-water resistant. But one Russian luxury company called Caviar has decided to pose a simple question: What if the AirPods Pro were even more prohibitively expensive and impractical?


As Mashable points out, the Caviar Airpods Gold Edition is “made of one-piece 750-content gold,” which means that it’s 18 karats and about 75 percent gold. These luxury headphones cost a gargantuan $67,790, which is considerably more than most people make in a year. According to the product description, this is an exclusive item that’s a “limited edition of one copy.” If this pair of earbuds sounds ridiculous, it is but it’s also par for the course for Caviar. Perusing the luxury gadget company’s website, you’ll find a $139,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone 11 called the “Solarius Zenith” that only “can be hold in hands [sic] of only the most worthy ones.” There’s also another iPhone for the discounted price of $13,000 that allegedly has a piece of the freaking moon in it.