Chris Brown Hosts Yard Sale At His House In L.A.

(TIML NEWS) Dozens of fans lined up outside of Chris Brown’s home in Tarzana, Calif. in hopes of potentially getting their hands on some of his personal items. The “No Guidance” singer hosted a yard sale at his house in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley on Wednesday (Nov. 6).

Day one of the sale went off without a hitch, despite LAPD reportedly trying to shut it down.

Breezy advertised the sale, which featured “significantly marked down high-end designer items,” on his social media accounts.  The Virginia native has more than 120 million followers across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The collection of clothing appeared organized and separated into different tents. Brown also commissioned an ice cream truck, and a live DJ for the occasion. It’s unclear if he was at the home during the sale, but he posted footage from the sale to his Instagram Story.

Some eager buyers lined up hours before the garage sale kicked off at 10 a.m., local time. One local fan took the day off from work, while another fan drove in from Arizona, the Associated Press reports. Another excited buyer was hoping to making upwards of $2,000 reselling the $500 that he spent buying clothing from Brown’s home.

Brown’s sale resumes Thursday (Nov. 7) from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST.