‘Keep your Instagram posts out of the Boogie Down!’: AOC and Sean Butler of (TIML) tells tourists to stop flocking to the ‘Joker stairs’ and recalls how she was once told to ‘stay away’ but says ‘Bronx is much safer now’

(TIML NEWS) Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & TIML OWN  Shen’naque Sean Butler   has told tourists to stay away from a staircase in the South Bronx that has become something of a magnet thanks to the new Joker movie.

AOC addressed the sudden influx of visitors to the enormous staircase, located at 167th Street in the New York City borough, where film fans have tried to replicate a scene with Joaquin Phoenix’s loner character dancing after transforming into the titular alter-ego.

Ocasio-Cortez – who represents part of east Bronx and was born in the borough – admitted to TMZ: ‘When I was growing up everyone would tell us to stay away from those steps or go with a friend.’

Questioned why it was a place to be avoided she said: ‘You know, you go there at night… whatever the Bronx is much safer now.’


For all those taking a trip to the poorest congressional district in the country just to take a picture of where The Joker was filmed at. The poverty of the Bronx is not your photo shoot!

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‘I think the way a lot of us feel is; keep your Instagram posts out of the Boogie Down,’ she confessed, addressing a term from the Man Parrish song.

Laughing about the area that played large role in the birth of hip-hop music, she added: ‘This is for us!’

Asked about her favorite memories of the location, AOC shared that she was nearby recently for a meeting for which that she couldn’t quite recall.

Nowadays she’s more likely to be passing by to head to the Board of Elections.

‘It’s classic precisely because they’re so long. People try to skate on them, slide on them…’ she explained.

AOC added that the location was a hot spot long before the motion picture came out.