You Can Buy Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Again, On One Condition…

(TIML NEWS) Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich was virtually all anyone talked about last month, and that’s alarming but super needed, given the world we live in and the year 2019 has been. However, as fervently as people discussed the mouth-watering delicacy, it was wiped out from Popeyes locations all over the country just as quickly.

As of press time, they’re still sold out. But fret not, friends! On ONE condition, you’ll be able to eat the sandwich at your leisure.

Per TMZ, Popeyes is pushing a B.Y.O.B version of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and the second “B” stands for bun. That’s right- if you go into a Popeyes location, bring your own bun and order a three-piece tender, you can create the sandwich on your own! Amazing! Now you can get what you want, and also spare the tired, overworked, underpaid workers of the Louisiana Kitchen of being verbally abused.

“Lines at Popeyes were incredibly long, and people even put the snack on eBay during the craze, which spread across the nation like wildfire,” writes the gossip site. “Popeyes says it’s busting ass to get the item back in stores — in its original form — but for now … necessity is the mother of culinary invention.”

Enjoy, rejoice, and be glad.



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