New Jersey Rap Legends Perform Medley Of Hits At 2019 VMAs

(TIML MUSIC) While areas like New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles are often known for their prosperous hip-hop roots, don’t sleep on Jersey. New Jersey is the home for some of the greatest rap artists of all time, and as the site for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, the state was honored with a tribute performance by their biggest stars.

Ice-T, a New Jersey native despite being known as a West Coast artist, introduced the set. “Hip-hop may have been born in the Bronx, but it was raised across the river, right here in New Jersey,” he said.

From there, the state was represented through a medley of hits by Redman, Fetty Wap, Wyclef Jean, Naughty By Nature, and Queen Latifah.

After launching things off with a brief performance of Naughty By Nature’s all-time party starter “O.P.P.,” Redman took the stage to perform his iconic verse from performing “Da Rockwilder,” his hit with Method Man from their 1999 joint album Blackout!. The set then went to a more recent star, with Jersey native Fetty Wap performing his Billboard top 10 hit “Trap Queen.”

Wyclef Jean got to contribute two songs to the set: first, he played guitar while singing his solo hit “Gone Till November,” and then he represented The Fugees with a performance of “No Woman No Cry” from their legendary album The Score. Queen Latifah, fresh off of an appearance on Rapsody’s album Eve, then rode to the stage on a motorcycle and performed her song “U.N.I.T.Y.” The set was then concluded with Naughty By Nature returning to perform “Hip Hop Hooray,” closing out the evening’s festivities.