Did Cardi B Have A Wardrobe Malfunction At Billboard Awards?

(TIML NEWS) Smh Typical Bronx Chic right here ladies and gentleman You know…lets just put this out there. Cardi B is a former stripper so there is video of her out there butt naked. But that was old Cardi B. Now, that she is almost like a new person completely, you DO know people want to see what that post-Kulture thing looks like. Not me…others.

Well, when I started writing this, I thought it was true, but by the time I got to this second paragraph that I am writing RIGHT NOW, Cardi had DEBUNKED the damn rumor. She claims that the picture, which I cannot show, is photoshopped. The picture showed Offset holding Cardi as her whole WHOO-HA came out from under her dress. I looked at the image and I wondered if it was photoshopped. It looked far too “perfect.” And apparently it WAS.