And The Fuckery Has Begun…Proposed Alabama Law Would Require A Drug Test Before Receiving Food Stamps

(TIML NEWS) A proposed new Alabama law would require residents to pass a drug test in order to receive food stamps.

According to The Hill, under the state’s current law residents are not required to take or pass a drug test in order to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. However, if H.B. 3, which was introduced last week does pass, applicants would be required to be tested for substance abuse if “there is reasonable suspicion that the person uses or is under the influence of a drug,” the bill outlines.

If a person tests positive for a drug without a valid prescription, he or she would be ineligible to receive SNAP. If the person is a parent and tests positive and their children are dependent upon the resources of SNAP, that parent “may designate a third party to receive the benefits for the benefit of the dependent child.”

Conversely, if a person refuses to take a drug test or prolongs taking a drug test, they too can be denied SNAP.

State Rep. James Hanes (R) reportedly introduced the bill, which has been referred to the state’s House Judiciary Committee. If the bill is passed the law will go into effect on the 15th day of the third month.