Tory Lanez – “Don Queen”/ Don Q Returns Fire With 2nd Tory Lanez Diss “This Is Ya King?”

(TIML MUSIC) Canadian Singer Tory Lanez turned out a very speedy retaliation to Don Q’s diss track “I’m Not Joyner.” The 26-year-old uses a very New York type of vibe in this track, and it’s definitely on purpose, as Q is from Highbridge in New York City.

As far as diss tracks go, this one is pretty top quality. Nobody knows how long this beef will last, hopefully, we get a couple more tracks, then move on to the next.


Shortly after Tory Lanez came at Don Q with “Don Queen,” the Bronx native is back with another round. Titled “This Is Ya King?,” the track once again sets its sights on the Canadian MC for roughly five straight minutes.

“Gangsta? I heard you were rapping in gay bars/They pumpin ya battery until I get the same charge/A chainsaw verse a butter knife/You really must don’t love your life,” he spits.