Samsung Officially Unveils Its Foldable Smartphone

(TIML TECH) Samsung officially unveiled the prototype of its next-generation, next-level foldable smartphone at its annual developer conference yesterday.

The device boasts the South Korean brand’s new Infinity Flex Display, touted by Samsung as “the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow.” Unlike old-school flip phones, the actual screen of the prototype can be folded.

The prototype’s clamshell design has a smaller external screen for use while folded and an interior, tablet-sized 7.3-inch screen when opened flat. Samsung has teased this concept for years, as we saw in this concept mock-up video published in 2013.

The prototype doesn’t have a name as yet, but the tech giant added that its forthcoming handset would be able to run three apps at once, which the company describes as a “multi-active window.” Samsung says it intends to start mass production of the Infinity Flex Display within months but didn’t reveal exactly when we’ll see more than just this concept device.

The Verge reports that Google will be supporting the foldable display by guiding developers to utilize existing Android features that would take advantage of the new tech. The US tech giant is working closely with Samsung on next year’s launch of its debut foldable phone.