So Kanye West Livestreams Creative Process From Uganda..It Keeps Getting Worse SMH

(TIML NEWS) After a series of bizarre moves, Kanye West is taking it a step further. The rapper recent returned from a hiatus on Twitter to reveal that he is recording new music in Uganda, and he has been livestreaming the whole creative process in case you were wondering how it’s been going.

Ye shared an 11-minute video on Saturday (Oct. 13) that gives fans a behind-the-scenes look of his music recording session. The awkward video shows Kanye sitting on a couch as he spits out a bunch of different phrases. “Need some reputation. Need some concentration,” he says. Elsewhere in the video, Kanye takes the show outside, where he appears to be performing a new song in a field of some sort.

As previously reported, Kanye is supposed to be in album mode at the moment. The rapper previously teased his forthcoming project, Yandhi. The album was originally supposed to drop in Sept. 2018 following his performance on Saturday Night Live. Later, the rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian announced it would be arriving on Nov. 23.

The livestream is just an addition to a growing list of bizarre things Kanye has been doing in the past month. The rapper recently met with Donald Trump at the White House, where he delivered a manic rant about outer space, the 14th Amendment, Adidas, and more.