SMH Man Enters Mental Health Clinic For Netflix Addiction

(TIML NEWS) An Indian mental health clinic admitted a patient for Netflix addition, which marks the first case of its kind for the facility

The unidentified man is a 26-year-old who reportedly watches Netflix more than seven hours a day. The consistency introduced “physical, social and occupational consequences.” Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, a professor at the National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences in Bengaluru, told ABC News, “It was helping him to relax and overcome environmental distress.” He also mentions the dependency to watch the streaming service “led to pre-occupation with show series, loss of control and psychological withdrawal in [the] form of irritation, if [he was] not allowed to watch.”

The treatment, according to reports, included “a combination of relaxation exercises, career guidance and psychological intervention to help him overcome the debilitating condition.” Eytan Alexander, the CEO, and founder of UK Addiction Treatment said watching Netflix can merely become addictive when it’s getting in the way of your personal and professional life.

“With Netflix, just because you go and watch a series from start to finish in one evening, does that mean you’re an addict? No,” he said. “But if you miss work, or you are isolating yourself from your family because you’re compelled to watch Netflix, then maybe you’ve got to ask yourself some questions.”

Alexander also addressed that “addiction mimics mental health and mental health mimics addiction… It is a compulsive obsessive disorder that gets you to do the same thing over and over again and thinking ‘This time it’s going to be different’ and it’s not. Because experience shows you it’s going to go badly.”

When does watching too much Netflix become a red flag?