Swizz Beatz Calls Out Kanye West For Wearing MAGA Hat During SNL Performance

(TIML NEWS) Swizz Beatz isn’t a huge Kanye West fan at the moment. After Kanye delivered a bizarre speech about his support for Donald Trump during his performance on Saturday Night Live on Sept. 29, Swizz Beatz felt compelled to send a message to his friend on Instagram. According to Swizz, Kanye’s blind support for the country’s most problematic president and the use of the MAGA hat as an everyday accessory has to stop.

“I just seen that SNL, Kanye,” Swizz said in his Instagram video. “And I hear you talking about being bullied for the hat. It feels kinda funny because we were just talking about the hat less than 48 hours ago…. I was just addressing how uncomfortable the culture feels with you representing somebody who’s blatantly hurting our people.”

While the producer stated that he still has love for the misguided artist, he urged Ye to stop the antics. “Ain’t nobody bullying you, we love you,” he continued. “But you gotta stop that s**t man, that s**t ain’t right, and you know how I feel.” He concluded his video by playing an upbeat song that repeats the phrase, “F**k the MAGA hat.”