A lot of African-American Parents are Increasingly Choosing Homeschooling To Teach Kids Black History

(TIML NEWS) A new report reveals that homeschooling is becoming the new way for African-American parents to teach their children about black history.

The agency to create their own curriculum is one reason why guardians have opted for this method of schooling. Per a study, NBC News reports that 220,000 African-American children in the United States are homeschooled. The National Home Education Research Institute recently revealed its findings, stating black parents are becoming frustrated with enrolling their kids in public schools where U.S. history classrooms lack black history discourse.

Sheva Quinn of Byron, Ga., told NBC News that she quit her job in 2014 to dedicate time to educating her children, and to ensure that they become “very good readers” with a “solid foundation in African-American history.”

In 2015, the National Council of Social Studies stated that less than 10 percent of total course hours are devoted to African-American history. When schools include black history in their curriculum, they cover very little of it.

“If you look at what happens in public schools, in terms of the curriculum, you could end up thinking that African-American history starts with slavery and ended with Martin Luther King and that’s just not the case,” said Cheryl Fields Smith, associate professor of Education at the University of Georgia.

The National Home Education Research Institute’s study also discovered that homeschooled black students outperformed black students who attended public school on standardized tests, scoring within the 42 percentile.