Kim Kardashian Wants Smoke from EveryOne Saying That She Cheated On Kanye West With Drake Is Just a Rumor.. or Is It?

(TIML TEA)  Kim Kardashian is setting the record straight about a Drake rumor that resurfaced after his Scorpion album dropped in June 2018. The reality star responded to a post featuring ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon on The Shade Room’s Instagram account on Monday (Sept. 3). In the post, Cannon shares how he thinks it’s possible that she may have slept with Drake (while being married to Kanye West.)

“Never Happened. End of story,” Kardashian wrote in the Instagram comments.

To be fair Kim has been passed around the entire music industry like a flyer to a club. Nick cannon actually slept with kim Kardashian as well but has been tight lipped about it.

According to TMZ, sources close to the mother of three also deny the rumored tryst — which was framed as the alleged root of Drake and Kanye West’s apparent beef.

Drake fueled the fire with the “Kiki do you love me” chorus on his hit single, “In My Feelings.” Kardashian’s nickname also happens to be “Kiki,” but the woman that he’s allegedly referring to isn’t her. The mysterious Kiki happens to be a K’yanna Barber, a friend of Drake’s from Oakland, California. According to Genius, Barber had a “romantic relationship” with the Toronto rapper.

But there’s another cryptic Drake lyric that helped give life to the rumor. As TMZ points out, Drake raps “I crept down the block, made a right/cut the lights, paid the price” on Travis Scott’s “Sick Mode.” Since Drake and Kardashian reportedly live in the same neighborhood and run in the same social circles, the line was bound to raise eyebrows.

Nonetheless, Drake and Kardashian are friendly neighbors, and nothing more for now.

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