WTF!!! Donated Supplies For Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Relief Found Decaying

(TIML NEWS)  Shortly after Puerto Rico was clear of Hurricane Maria’s path, supplies and food were sent to the country to help those who were left with very little. Now, according to CBS News, some of those donated supplies were left unattended or undistributed and started to decay. The news was first brought to attention by Radio Isla.

The news site states 10 large containers that held baby products, food, water, dog food and other resources were supposed to be distributed by the National Guard. But according to Nicolas Gautier – one of the facility’s officials – rodents took over and infestation began to spread throughout some of the products. Gautier said that after the National Guard’s purpose was up in May 2018, the supplies were no longer attended to. “Whatever was left after the National Guard left was put in those containers,” he said. Gautier also added that “several of the boxes were broken.”

According to The New York Times, the items that remain intact or consumable will be given to nonprofit groups for distribution. Some of those goods include batteries, water, and other electrical supplies. The National Guard also claimed the perished goods were stored in a container because the products arrived past its expiration date.

The September storm displaced thousands of Puerto Ricans and made those citizens seek shelter in hotels under the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Transitional Sheltering Assistance program, The Washington Post reports. The temporary housing is coming to an end and soon those same residents who were part of the program will have to find shelter or funds to rebuild their homes. This is insane all im saying is..”If this were Texas” smh it would have never happened. Sound off below