The Rams And Saints Will Add The NFL’s First Male Cheerleaders

(TIML NEWS) Times are certainly changing. NFL fans will notice something different about the cheer leading squad of two teams this season. According to reports, the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams will add the league’s first male cheerleaders to perform alongside the women.

Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron will now be an official cheerleader for the Rams, while Jesse Hernandez will make his NFL debut with the Saints.

While the effort for inclusion can be seen, what has yet to be seen are the reactions of the fans. Peron, however, isn’t worried.

“This week has been a whirlwind!” said Peron. “But it’s still so surreal to me that I am one of the First Male cheerleaders to dance for a pro team.”

There are many teams who have employed male stuntmen, however, Hernandez, Peron, and Jinnies will perform the same moves as their female counterparts on the cheerleading squad.

All three men will make their debut Aug. 9 during the NFL preseason. Sound off below!!!