Netflix Releases The Trailer For Rapper Kyle’s New Film ‘The After Party’

(TIML MUSIC) Kyle’s new film, The After Party, chronicles the hardships, struggles and hilarious moments that come with trying to make it as a rap star. In the Netflix original movie’s trailer, audiences see all the crazy trials and tribulations that Owen (played by Kyle) experiences to finally (somewhat) make it.

There is a slew of cringe-worthy moments, like rapping in the bathroom at a false attempt to get a record deal and the mundane feelings of holding down a day job while wanting to be famous. Ultimately fame and fortune find Owen, but for the wrong reasons. Think more of viral internet sensation than prolific talented rapper—and there is a video involved with a seizure-like dance?

The After Party marks Kyle’s first acting debut in a feature film, and it is directed and written by Ian Edelman. Alongside the California rapper is a star-studded roster of hip-hop royalty, including Teyana Taylor, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, DJ Khaled, Desiigner, Tee Grizzley, Jadakiss, and Pusha-T.

According to XXL, the script for the film is based on an original idea from the late founder of WorldStarHipHop, Lee ‘Q’ Denat, whose company helped produce the film.

Amid exposing the pits and falls of internet fame, coupled with the nuances of the music industry, it seems like there will be a valuable lesson on The After Party about potent weed. (After taking a hit of Khalifa’s herb, Owen vomits on stage.) The film is shaping up to be quite the viewing experience.

 The After Party premieres Aug. 24 on Netflix.