R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Responds To 19-Minute “I Admit” With A Remix 😱😲👀

(TIML TEA) R. Kelly attempted to air his dirty laundry early Monday morning (July 23) with the release of his 19-minute single “I Admit.” On the track, the controversial singer/songwriter took his time to address the longstanding allegations that have been made against him throughout the course of his career. Along with dismissing claims of pedophilia and sexual abuse, Kelly even went as far as to claim that the activities he has taken ownership of are all mother-approved. Bold.

Kelly explicitly addressed his late mother, Joanne Kelly, multiple times in the song–beginning with her initial disappointment in him before eventually leading to her enduring support.

“I admit I had my mama cryin’ over me/
[…] Listen to heaven, just stay on my grind, and that’s 24/7 (yeah)
And I know my mama Joanne is smiling down on me.
[…] Mama, Joanne, is watching (no, no, no)
She must be turning over in her grave (yeah)”

After taking the time to listen to the confession, R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Drea Kelly, had a few things to add to the track, because Kelly was still evidently keeping some of his worst skeletons in the closet. The multi-talented woman posted her adaptation of “I Admit” on Instagram Tuesday (July 24), mostly clarifying the truth behind the singer’s admission while also acknowledging Joanne.

“Admit it
Admit it
Admit it
Your mama IS watching over you
And rolling over in her grave
because of the ABUSIVE things you do
You say she’s looking down from heaven So there’s
nothing she didn’t see/
[…]Even though you can’t read or write
it didn’t stop you from making hit songs
but you don’t have to read or write to know Domestic Violence is wrong”

Drea Kelly was married to the singer for 12 years before filing for divorce in 2009. The two have three children together.

Read the lyrics to Drea’s entire remix below.