Key Witness In C-Murder Homicide Case Recants Testimony Eight Years Later

(TIML NEWS) A key witness who testified against C-Murder in the 2009 murder case of a slain teen, has reportedly recanted his statement, The Times Picayune  reports. Witness, Kenneth Jordan reportedly revealed that he lied during his original testimony in an affidavit filed with the 24th Judicial Court.

Jordan reportedly testified against C-Murder – whose real name is Corey Miller – stating that he shot and killed 16-year-old Steven Thomas at the Platinum Club in 2002. In the affidavit, Jordan reportedly changed his initial statements, saying, “I know the individual that I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller.”

Murder’s attorney, Paul Baker also alleges that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives and prosecutors on his client’s case, actively forced Jordan to submit false statement by threatening him with criminal charges in an unrelated incident. “He was really their star witness at the second trial,” Baker said. “Without him, him they don’t get a conviction.” In light of the new information, Baker has reportedly filed a memorandum seeking a new and fair trial for Miller.

C-Murder is an artist under the No Limit Records label. He is also the younger brother of Master P. He was reportedly convicted of second-degree murder charges with a 10–2 verdict in Aug. 2009. His legal team has filed many motions to reopen his case and evaluate new evidence that could prove his innocence without success. He is currently serving a life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, in what he has claims are “inhumane conditions.”