Dj Big Inf Presents New Industry Mondays ( Jay Z,Kanye,Nas, Beyonce) Radio Mix on freshestFM

(TIML MUSIC) Dj Big inf blesses us with a mix he provided yesterday for his show called “New Industry Mondays” 9pm on Now lets sip some tea shall we.. By all accounts, this summer has belonged to Kanye West. On June 1, he delivered his 8th studio album, Ye, and the album’s unveiling was nothing short of remarkable. Think what you want about Kanye at this moment in time, but the man knows how to make a scene.

The Ye session was held in Wyoming on a ranch and streamed live on a random-ass app that many of us downloaded without hesitation. It was both unorganized and FOMO-inducing, but it was nothing compared to the spectacle that was the Kids See Ghosts rollout. The listening session for the Kanye-Kid Cudi collab album was live-streamed just outside of L.A. from a deserted “town,” complete with a low fog hanging over old wooden houses. Via stream or IRL, we waited (and waited, and waited…) for the album to start; many of us gave up in the wee hours and waited for it to drop the next day. Still, we entertained Ye’s concept of experiential immersion.

Last Thursday, the extravaganza continued with Nas’ Nasir, which was produced entirely by Kanye. Again, the project debuted via a live-streamed listening session, this time in Queensbridge, NY, Nas’ old neighborhood, right beneath the Queensboro bridge. The guest of honor arrived in a green Hummer tank, along with Kanye and other celebrities.

Stream the mix below!!!1