Wendy Williams Catches Some Smoke From Drake’s Pops

(TIML TEA) Drake may have to hold his own when it comes to battling Pusha T on the mic, but there’s no rule that a father can’t protect his son on social media. Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham broke his silence about Pusha’s diss track, “The Story of Adidon” on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon (May 30), suggesting that the claims about his father-son relationship with Drizzy are fake news.

Graham was compelled to speak up after Wendy Williams roasted the “Nice For What” artist and his family during the latest episode of her self-titled daytime TV show. Like many, Williams reportedly dissected Pusha’s lyrics about Graham walking out on Drake and his mother, as well as the rapper’s alleged secret son.

“I had come to actually finally like Wendy Williams and watch her show it grew on me,” he wrote of his initial feelings regarding the controversial TV host. “Here’s the game changer. It’s very informative when you listen to a talk host report a story that they’ve actually researched and share it with their audience but this Rupaul Drag Race Queenlooking B#+##^ has stepped out of her lane.”

Drake’s father also claimed Williams did not have all the facts right and should not speak ill of what she doesn’t know or understand. “You know nothing about Drake or Myself,” he continued. “Do your research before you try and be funny to your 79 capacity audience, Rupaul Jr WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK ON OUR NAME!!!!!!!! I lost all respect for you today !!!!”

Graham did not provide fans with the real facts. Drake has been open about his rocky relationship with his father in his music throughout the years, but it’s safe to say there are still pieces of the puzzle that are probably missing when it comes to their family dynamic.

Drake has not responded to the allegations or released a response track as of yet. The clock is ticking. Check out Dennis Graham’s full thoughts below.