50 Cent Parties With Rick Ross’ Ex Who Once Sued 50 for Sex Tape Leak

(TIML NEWS) 50 Cent and Lastonia Leviston have been partying in Miami over the weekend, with 50 posting on Instagram to prove it. This is the same woman whose sex tape 50 leaked in 2009, for which he was ordered to pay over $7 million in damages. She also happens to be Rick Ross’ baby mother, and hence, the perfect way for 50 to keep the longstanding beef and series of public trolling jabs at Ross alive.

In case you’ve managed to somehow avoid this now decade-old beef, let’s catch you up. When Ross came in the game, 50 felt subbed. Ever the one to address beef and crush opponents before they grow, 50 made the “Officer Ricky (Go Ahead Try Me)” track and Officer Ricky cartoons, and both MCs kept the disses coming ever since. Ross invited 50’s son to come live with him, 50 clowned Ross’ album sales—it’s been tit for tat for 10 years now. Most recently, 50 clowned Ross while he was hospitalized for a series of seizures—which shows you how savage and ruthless 50 can be if it’s on.

Now, in 2009, 50 was sued for over $7 million for leaking Leviston’s sex tape and causing her emotional distress. In 2015, however, 50 sued Ross—claiming that it was Rozay himself who uploaded Leviston’s sex tape and that he merely shared it once it was up. Whatever the case may be, 50 and Leviston have been partying in Miami together, with 50 uploading evidence to Instagram. This is savage, classic 50.

“You know they all love me, like a fat kid love cake,” wrote 50. “Come kiss me baby LOL get the strap.” 50, Leviston, and a few other women are all taking shots together at an undisclosed location in Miami. It’s unclear whether this a mere coincidence, or has been a planned, long-term goal of 50’s to get Leviston on his side—just to post about it on social media and annoy Ross. It would, after all, be in character for him, as 50 is the undisputed king of trolling in the game.