“This Is Nigeria” Is More Revolutionary Than “This Is America”

(TIML FOOD4THOUGHT) When Childish Gambino released “This Is America,” the world stopped momentarily and enjoyed/critiqued/jammed to a piece of art that is a scathing condemnation of the United States. The track spawned a series of cheap, meaningless covers of the hit song. Falz, one of the most popular artists in Africa, has composed a worthy cover called “This Is Nigeria.” Like the original, “This Is Nigeria” tells a no-holds-barred tale of corruption, violence, and societal complacency that plagues the country. Falz, real name Folarin Falana, pulls no punches. Like America, Nigeria is a nation with a myriad of flaws that artists highlight. The big difference between the songs is outspoken, political songs in Nigeria and have dire consequences for the artist.