Andre 3000 Drops 2 New Songs for Mother’s Day

(TIML MUSIC) First off Happy Mothers Day.. So Andre 3000, one of the best who ever did it, dug into his personal stash of music to bless us with two new joints for Mother’s Day.

And frankly,  3 Stacks  playing clarinet for 17 minutes still sounds better than all the rap that’s out here today. Facts!!!!!!!!


Mother’s Day, especially for those who have lost their mothers, can be a melancholy time, and in the new music, the ever-creative Three Stacks (real name Andre Benjamin) pays homage to his deceased parents.

Speaking of, Dre’s baby muva, Erykah Badu, posted notice of the two new songs on Twitter early Sunday morning.

The songs are called “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)” and “Look Ma No Hands.”