SMH Puerto Rico Faces Massive School Closings Due To Lack Of Enrollment

(TIML NEWS) Puerto Rico’s infrastructure is still on the mend, and now, the country’s education system is facing a hard battle that might leave its youth in limbo. According to CNN, the country will close 283 schools next season and leave 828 open in the fall.

A cause for the sudden enrollment decrease may be due to a significant immigration wave following Hurricane Maria’s aftermath. The storm left thousands displaced while others aimed to build a new life in the United States.

The country’s education secretary, Julia Keleher, stated that this decision to close down schools came with undeniable hesitation. “We know it’s a difficult and painful process. For this reason,” Keleher said, “we’ve done it in the most sensible way taking in consideration all the elements that could impact the daily lives of some families and the school communities in general.”

Puerto Rico’s education system has seen the loss of 39,000 students since May, but looking into the future, Kelecher believes with a new budget the country’s children will be able to receive an adequate education. “Our boys and girls deserve the best education that we are capable of giving them taking into account the fiscal reality of Puerto Rico,” Keleher said.