Fabolous Reportedly Punched Emily B In The Face Seven Times, Court Documents State

(TIML NEWS) According to previous reports, Englewood, NJ police arrived at Fabolous and Emily Bustamante’s home after the latter called 911 for a domestic violence incident. Fabolous was detained on Wednesday evening (Mar. 28), and received a citation and a court date upon his release. Now, another report has outlined the details of the alleged abuse which stems back to March 7, 2018.

During a trip to Los Angeles on that aforementioned date, NorthJersey.com reports Fabolous fell into a fitful rage when he learned that Bustamante was also in the city. Since then, a flurry of angry texts was sent to her phone where Fabolous allegedly threatened her father and brother, and claimed “he had a bullet for them,” the court documents reportedly state. Two handguns were previously removed from their residence because Bustamante feared for her safety.


Legal reports also note that the Brooklyn native reportedly punched Bustamante in the face seven times that resulted in the loss of her “two front teeth.” Neither party has issued a personal statement on the incident, and Bustamante’s Instagram page has been set to private.