How To Apply & Renew Your Passport Before Upcoming Increase

(TIML NEWS) If you’re a first-time applicant for a US passport this year, you should get on it before April.

Conde Nast Traveler reports the Department of State is set to raise the passport execution fee–the cost for identity verification, forwarding the application to appropriate officials and administering the oath–from $25 to $35. The hike directly effects first-time applicants and those replacing lost or stolen items.

Published in Federal Register, the organization blames the increase on staffing needs, the price of postage, and application processes. “The proposed $10 increase to $35, from the current fee of $25, is in line with cost increases for both the Department and United States Postal Service during the past nine years,” the statement reads.

Fees for passports and passport cards are $135 and $55 for adults, respectively. They’re not set to change as the execution fee is separate altogether. All applying with a DS-11 form are expected to pay two fees. Fees will not apply to applicants renewing the latter documents by mail, using the DS-82 but, of course, there’s a longer wait time. The fee goes into effect April 2.

Many think of the post office when considering their application for a passport but the State Department suggested that there are “approximately 7,400″ facilities that can also deal with the paperwork. For instance, your local library or court office.

To evade the new fee, one might consider mailing the application to save a pretty penny.