Kids Recreate ‘Black Panther’ Posters In Powerful Photo Series

(TIML FOOD4THOUGHT) Black Panther brings a whole new level of excitement for black people, young and old, as the cast of characters and creative team behind the upcoming film are all people of color. Àsìkò, a London-based photographer hailing from Nigeria, wanted to take the concept of Black Panther’s representation a bit further by using black children to recreate the highly-anticipated movie’s promotional posters.

“As a kid who read comics, Black Panther was one of the very few black superheroes I came across,” Àsìkò wrote on his Instagram page. “For a child, it is a beautiful thing to see yourself represented in a positive light in pop culture.

The artist was commissioned by the U.K. talent agency “Looks Like Me” to create the portraits of the young kings and queens posing like the film’s stars. In the series, you’ll see a young girl named Camiyah, whose photo was inspired by Letitia Wright’s character Shuri, as well as Malakai, who was inspired by Michael B. Jordan’s character Erik Killmonger.

“Ryan Coogler and Marvel Studios have made a film that is part of the positive narrative changing voice of Africa and the black race and, boy, does it matter,” he continued. “I can imagine a child being empowered watching Black Panther thinking, ‘That superhero looks just like me.’”

Check out the stunning photos below.