Are You A New Mother? There’s A Podcast For That, ‘Our First Time: A Mommy Cast’

(TIML NEWS) Mother’s are powerful. In fact, many of us–myself included– believe that God is a Woman. Women give life. That’s godly. Also, the love, everyday dialogue and emotional and intellectual support or lack thereof, have long-lasting effects on the child or children that women bring into this world. Motherhood is so complex that there isn’t one authoritative handbook that prepares women for child rearing.

Soon-to-be-mothers, don’t fret. Chanel Rae Pettaway and Latoya “Toyz” Rodriguez, best friends and freshly minted mothers, are offering help by sharing their experiences on motherhood with the launch of their new podcast titled, Our First Time; A Mommy Cast.Rodriguez and Pettaway, both marketing and media executives, discuss juggling marriage, parenthood and multiple jobs, as well as raising sons in mixed cultures, childcare, weight-loss, miscarriages and much more.

“This podcast means a lot to me because the content alone has a lot to do with the one thing I love most in the world, and thats my son,” Rodriguez says via press release. “I chose to do this podcast with Chanel because we were both blessed to experience the same blessings at the same time and it just made perfect sense to collaborate on this project.”

Stream the first two episodes of Our First Time: A Mommy Cast below.

A Mommy Cast Episode 1