Troi “Star” Torain Replaces Joe Budden on “Everyday Struggle

(TIML NEWS) Following Joe Budden’s departure in December, Complex has officially unveiled the new co-host of their series, Everyday Struggle. Veteran radio broadcaster Troi “Star” Torain will replace Budden for Season 2.

Complex made the announcement on social media.

Torain, better known as Star, made a name for himself on New York radio waves, where his career was marred by controversy. In 2001, a petition was made to fire Star from the station, after he made comments ridiculing deceased R&B singer Aliyah after her death. Then in 2006, he was fired from his position on Power 105 for threatening to sexually assault DJ Envy’s 4-year-old child and making racial slurs against his rival’s wife on the air.

Check out Star’s first appearance on the new episode of Everyday Struggle below: