WTF!!! Man Kidnapped, Forced To Marry Woman At Gunpoint While In Tears

(TIML NEWS) This isn’t the best way to start your marriage journey. A 29-year-old man in Bihar, India was kidnapped and forced to marry a woman at gunpoint, reports Metro UK.

In the footage from the ceremony, which surfaced online last week, the groom, Vinod Kumar, cries as he’s forced into holy matrimony.

Kumar, an engineer, was abducted on his way to work. He previously met the bride at another friend’s wedding, and was forced into marriage by her family, unbeknownst to his brother, who called police when Kumar didn’t come home from work.

The brother received another call informing him that Kumar was a victim of forced marriage (a.k.a “Pakadua Vivah”). The bride’s family denies that he was coerced into the marriage, while Kumar’s brother claims that one of the relative’s had a gun during the ceremony.

Groom abductions aren’t exactly uncommon in Eastern India, and can occur when the bride’s family is unable to afford a dowry.

Watch Kumar’s wedding below.