Artists, Social Media Users Reinsert Black Regality Into H&M’s Controversial Ad

(TIML NEWS) In light of H&M’s weekend marketing faux pas, many have taken to the internet to speak against the company’s controversial ad, including celebrities. In response, people have also created animated or patched-over renditions of the image that caused the outrage in the first place, in a move toward self-reclamation.

While they are all different in their own right, many of the new images are meant to contribute to the restoration of the young boy’s humanity after widespread belief that it was lessened by the now-removed advertisement. And the new set of photos emulates an anti-campaign.

There is a common theme. Many of the interpretations refer to the little boy as a king. Others placed a crown on his head or across his chest where the offensive phrase would’ve been. No matter the change, most of the art intends to relay the message that no misstep can act as a setback for an entire set of people.