Watch Quavo & Lil Yachty Clown Joe Budden In Their “Ice Tray” Video

(TIML MUSIC) Migos and Lil Yachty continue to have their fun with Joe Budden in their full length video for “Ice Tray.” Released on the Quality Control compilation album, the song calls the Jersey-rapper-turned-media-personality out by name.

“Ice tray, young n*gga flooded (ice ice ice, yeah)/If a n*gga hatin’, call him Joe Budden (p*ssy)/Coupe outside and it’s press button (skrt skrt)Got that n*gga mad ’cause your bitch f*ckin’ (hah), f*ck it,” raps Quavo on “Ice Tray.”

Following several Instagram teasers, the new video features the infamous Joe Budden lookalike and a spoof of Complex’s Everyday Struggle series where Yachty faced the wrath of one angry ass man earlier this year.

Watch the video below.