Man From Forces Girlfriend To Walk Outside Naked In The Streets Of Harlem For Allegedly Flirting With Other Men

(TIML NEWS) After finding flirtatious messages to other men on his girlfriend’s phone, 26-year-old Jasson Melo decided to embarrass the mother of his 2-month-old child by stripping her of her clothes and making her walk the streets of Harlem naked.

According to the New York Daily News, Melo appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court to defend his actions. Images that captured evidence of abuse on Melo’s girlfriend also came into question, but the former denied any instances of physical mistreatment.

The news site reports that Melo reportedly posted footage of his girlfriend walking outside with only a towel wrapped around her and allegedly attempted to create merchandise with quotes from the occurrence. “I felt mortified. It was horrible,” the woman initially said. “I felt so embarrassed.”

Melo faces coercion, menacing, aggravated harassment and child endangerment charges. Sound off below!!!