A Morehouse Student Turns Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3″ Into Biology Song For Better Grade

(TIML NEWS) Morehouse student Julien Turner recently used his love for Lil Uzi Vert’s songs to push his Biology grade a bit higher. When his professor Dwann Davenport told the class they could create a music video on any subject that she covered in class for a curve on their overall grade, the hip-hop loving student came up with the ultimate remix.

His now viral video is complete bio revamp of Uzi’s smash hit, “XO Tour Llif3,” which impressed the professor in a major way. When she opened his email, the professor says she was genuinely impressed with the sophomore’s creative spin of the rap song.

“I turned it in Wednesday, but she didn’t see it until this morning,” Julien said. “It’s kind of crazy, because she told me her friend called her last night even before she checked her email. Someone told her about it before me.”

Watch the hilarious remix video below.