KFC Follows Just 11 People on Twitter & There’s a Reason Why

(TIML COMEDY) Here’s something random as fuck you may not know. KFC follows just 11 people on its official Twitter account… and there’s actually a reason behind that number.

The people are pretty random, but one guy — a Twitter user named Edge (@edgette22) — noticed there was a method to the madness. The 11 people KFC follows are: the five Spice Girls, and six random guys who are all named Herb.

Notice anything familiar with that? KFC’s claim to fame is its secret recipe, which is made up of 11 herbs and spice. Get it? Five Spice girls and six Herbs?

While most know the Spice Girls, the Herbs include a staff writer for Deseret News, famous MMA referee Herb Dean, a Los Angeles City Council president, and the Santa Clara University head coach.

Don’t believe us, visit KFC on Twitter here.