Taco Bell Introduces Yet Another Experiment: The Kit Kat Chocodilla

(TIML FOOD) WTF!!! Following items like breakfast chicken and biscuits and the Doritos Quesalupa Crunch, Taco Bell is back with another unique item: the Kit Kat Chocodilla.

The new dessert option blends the iconic Nestlé candybar, the Kit Kat, with a quesadilla. So, instead of cheese, you are getting chocolate. Bits of melted Kit Kats are placed between tortillas for a unique dessert and menu item.

According to Mashable, the Chocodilla was previously tested in U.K. locations before bringing it to the U.S. this month.

So far, Taco Bell has been testing the product in Wisconsin and will continue to offer it through through mid-November.

Its unclear if it will hit other markets, but if they do roll out the Chocodilla, would you try it?