Tribeca-Grand- Take A knee

(TIML MUSIC)  TRIBECA-GRAND represents an unprecedented culmination of nearly 50 years of combined professional experience, and a shared cultural experience in Hip-Hop dating almost back to day one. The Bronx is the birthplace of Hip-Hop. Philadelphia is the home of the first Rapper to win a Grammy. From the hood to Hollywood, this team represents the essence of all the best Hip-Hop has to offer. TRIBECA-GRAND were destined to play the Sport Of The Gods.

TRIBECA is an accomplished MC, Producer, Songwriter, Author, Bronx Representative and more. His credits and affiliations include Camp Lo, Big Inf, KRS ONE, Guru of Gangstarr, Beat Brokerz and Pharoahe Monch with whom he recorded the ESPN anthem My Life. Having risen through the ranks: from spittin’ on street corners in The BX, to recording and publishing deals, to touring the globe, TRIBECA prides himself on constant evolution.
GRAND AGENT is an MC, Lyricist, Playwright, Visionary, and proud Philadelphian -among other things. He has recorded or toured with Pete Rock, Large Pro, Lord Finesse, MOP, Hi-Tek, Common, Madlib, Smif-N-Wessun, Planet Asia, and the list goes on. Operating in the media-at-large as a proponent of the culture, GA has become known for fearlessly pushing the envelope of Hip-Hop expression.
Together these artists, each respected in his own right, have emerged with a brilliant lead single from their forthcoming album, Sport Of The Gods. Take A Knee is an anthem that is both timely and timeless, as grimy as it is inviting. It’s bigger than Kaepernick. It’s bigger than Trump. And, to quote Dead Prez, much like our current political climate, which the record captures so perfectly, “it’s bigger than Hip-Hop.”

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