Iconic Brooklyn Street Crew The “Lo Lifes” Release New Book and Documentary

(TIML NEWS) The influential Brooklyn street crew The Lo Lifes have made a dynamic impact on hip-hop fashion that can still be felt today with artists from all generations. Their incredible story will finally be told to a new generation of hip-hop fashionistas with the release of the 2nd edition of forthcoming book Bury Me With The Lo On and its companion mini-documentary.

The compelling story details the untold history of the Ralph Lauren obsessed crew from their humble beginnings to becoming an infamous boosting crew, and then onto subculture that still influences the fashion world.

“We were like fight club meets the runway,” said Lo-Life founder, rapper, and the book’s co-author Thirstin Howl The 3rd. “It feels accomplished to us, we feel like we did something instead of being looked at as hoodlums and thieves in the past. Through that, we see something we created live longer than we’re actually gonna live or live beyond our time and passed down for generations and it’s become traditional.

Tom Gould, award-winning photographer/director and Bury Me With The Lo On’s co-author says, “To the authorities they were criminals, but to themselves and people on the streets, their actions signified something else. They empowered themselves by taking something that wasn’t meant for them and making it their own.”

The book’s second edition contains tons of never-before-seen photos and recent portraits of the legendary crew along with words from various Lo-Life members and artists like Raekwon, Action Bronson and Just Blaze.

For the youngsters who aren’t hip, The Lo-Lifes made their mark known in New York City through their affinity for flashy gear, predominately Ralph Lauren Polo, back in the notoriously dangerous 1980s.

Bury Me With The Lo On 2nd edition is now available for pre-order and will be shipped this December. Watch the short documentary below.