‘Atlanta”s Season Two Casting Call Asks For “White Trash” And “Fast Food Workers”

(TIML NEWS) When creating television shows, everyone is important. From the cast, the crew, the guy who brings the donuts during each shoot- everyone plays an integral part in making magic happen.

Donald Glover’s Emmy-winning show Atlanta will return for its highly-anticipated second season in 2018, and it looks like they’re beginning to shoot today (Sept. 29) in Georgia. The casting call is looking for actors who can fill the roles of characters such as “trashy white” “very tan Caucasians,” and “fast food workers.”

What do these roles entail? According to Project Casting, Glover and the team are looking for “VERY TAN caucasians to portray Floridians,” “white people with the ability to portray ‘charactery white trash’ types,” “Caucasians and African Americans to work in an interview scene that requires high-end business attire” and more.

He’s also looking for a Caucasian mom who is “sketchy” and people for “regular vehicles,” any make and model. However, cars that are red, white or black will not be considered.

Like we said, everyone matters on set! We’re truly interested to see what Mr. Glover has cooking up this time. Anything goes.