Actor Terrence Howard Says He’s Invented New Form Of Geometry

(TIML NEWS) Actor Terrence Howard is a true genius when it comes to mathematics. And he says he’s discovered a new form of geometry!

Actor Terrence Howard has landed an invitation to Britain’s Oxford Union debating society to discuss his new mathematics theory.

The “Crash” star has spent several years developing what he has dubbed “Terryology”, which is based on the idea that one times one equals two, instead of the widely understood answer of one.

Howard, who studied chemical engineering at the private Pratt Institute in New York during his youth, previously shared his supposed discovery in a 2015 Rolling Stone interview, and now his research has scored him the opportunity to explain his thinking to members of the exclusive debate club in Oxford, England.

“I’ve discovered a new geometry,” he stated on U.S. talk show The View. “It’s based on one times one equalling two, and I’m going to Oxford Union to discuss new geometry.”

The visit will take place in late November, over America’s Thanksgiving holiday period.

In his chat with Rolling Stone two years ago, Howard claimed his findings would change the way future generations of kids are taught mathematics at school.

“I was always wondering, you know, why does a bubble take the shape of a ball? Why not a triangle or a square? I figured it out,” the 48-year-old boasted. “If Pythagoras was here to see it, he would lose his mind. Einstein, too…! This is the last century that our children will have to be taught that one times one is one.”